• Legend of the Bay DELUXE EDITION

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    Get the film Mac Dre: Legend of the Bay plus hours of additional bonus content! This includes the complete Hogan High School talent shop performance of 2 Hard 4 Tha Radio, as well as never-before-seen concert footage, home movies, and a rare and uncensored look behind the scenes of one of Hip Hop...

  • Legend of the Bay + Full Hogan High School Performance

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    Get the feature film Mac Dre: Legend of the Bay plus the complete video of the performance that started it all. In 1989 Andre Louis Hicks performed the song "Too Hard for da Fuckin' Radio" at the James Hogan High School talent show.

    This video has never been released previously, and is a must...

  • Mac Dre: Legend of the Bay

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    Bay Area rapper Mac Dre began his career at 18 and quickly became an influential force in early west coast hip-hop. In 1992 he was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank robbery when his lyrics were used against him in court. He left prison with a new lease on life, founded an independent record ...